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How to wear Chunky Glitter

Whether it's on our eyes, our cheeks, our lips or our 🍑s, there is no doubt that the SPARKLE MOVEMENT is here to stay!

Here are a few tips to help you get ✨ this season. 

How to apply chunky glitter

  • Make it sticky! For your glitter to stay you need an adhesive base such as moisturizer or vaseline or Aquaphor. 
  • Use a brush! - Glitter on your fingers can spread like a sparkly infection!

What do I wear it with?

  • Wear it with everything! Seriously, Bedazzle your heart out. 
  • Make your glitter the focal point and keep all other makeup neutral. This makes for a fresh and natural look. 
  • Bonus: Pair with our face gems!

One last thing.

  • Glitter is a clinger. Make sure to pack a natural oil, such as coconut oil, in your festival bag.
  • Lightly rub the oil on your skin using your finger-tips, and then wipe away with a makeup wipe or cotton pad soaked in water. 


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